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A small team dedicated to making a big impact.

Alex Gilbert


Alex was born in Altamont Illinois, but raised in Saint Louis, went to Fox High School and

studied at Mizzou. He received his degree in Economics and after graduating, he decided to

revitalize his grandfather’s company. He aspires to build the company to where it once was and to grow it beyond. It has been his focus to take each job one at a time to ensure complete satisfaction from his customers. He wants to maintain the integrity of small business and make sure he is personally involved in each project. Alex has a fiancée and two cats that he spends a lot of time with. When Alex is not running RGS he enjoys traveling with his fiancée, rock climbing, and attending a variety of concerts around the Saint Louis Area.

"Being a close, family-owned company, we understand the importance and trust that homeowners place in us. We take the time to make sure every one of our clients understands all aspects of the project. One of our greatest commitments is to our client's satisfaction. We supply our customers with realistic expectations and we know that no two customer's needs are the same. This is why we concentrate our efforts on each client's specific needs to tailor the experience to their situation. Our overarching goal is not to complete as many projects as we can but to instead focus on the projects where we know that we can deliver superior service and quality craftsmanship."

- Alex Gilbert

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