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Introduction to Insurance Claims

Saint Louis weather is one of a kind and can create a lot of problems for your home. Wind-driven rains and damaging hail damage anything from roofs and siding to pools and decks. It can be overwhelming trying to get everything fixed or replaced all while dealing with your insurance company. Filing a claim with your homeowner’s insurance can be a little tricky and at RGS, we are there to help assist you every step of the way. Being a general contractor, we are able to handle all repairs on most claims, making us a one-stop shop. 

Property Inspection & Evaluation 

If you think you may have storm damage to your property, call or text us and we will have a professional come out and conduct a full inspection immediately. He will take pictures and document damages on the property and fully explain to you what his findings are and what to do next.

Claim & Adjuster

Once the inspection has been completed and we believe there is storm damage that needs to be addressed, we will help you file a claim with your insurance company and explain the process to you. An adjuster will come out to your property to assess the damage, and we will meet them there to assist them. 

One Stop Shop

When hail comes, it damages everything, not just your roof. RGS is able to complete all the work on your claim in a timely manner without you having to hire multiple companies. We make sure to communicate with your insurance company as well to make sure all damages are covered and your property becomes whole again. We have been around more than 50 years, so you know when we say our work is guaranteed, we mean it.

  • We full home storm damage evaluation

  • Walk you through entire insurance process

  • Handle all the repairs and replacements on your scope of loss


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