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 Insurance Claims

Advocating for Homeowners is our Specialty

Saint Louis weather is one of a kind and can create a lot of problems for your home. Wind-driven rains and hail can damage anything from roofs and siding to pools and decks. It can be overwhelming trying to get everything fixed or replaced all while dealing with your insurance company. Filing a claim with your homeowner’s insurance can be a little tricky and at RGS, we are here to help assist you every step of the way. As general contractors, we are able to handle all repairs on most claims, making us a one-stop shop. 



We inspect your property thoroughly and document all damages.  Once we've collected our findings, we'll be able to advise you on your next steps. 


If we find your home to be damaged, it's time to file a claim with your insurance company.   We will walk you through the process and assist you with any documentation they need.   Once the claim is filed, your insurance company will schedule a meeting with an adjuster to assess damage to your home. 


On the day of the scheduled adjuster meeting, we will meet with the adjuster at your home.  We ensure all damage is documented by all parties and nothing is overlooked. 


If your insurance company finds damage to your property, they will write you an estimate for repairs.  We can go over your estimate with you to make certain you are receiving everything owed to you. 

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