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Setting the Standard Since 1958.

What can RGS do for you?

When it comes to your exterior needs, we've got you covered. Let us take care of the projects you’ve been planning.

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Who is RGS?

Ray Gilbert & Sons was established in 1958 and is now third generation owned. At RGS, we combine professionalism, problem solving, and practical design to deliver quality projects that conform to any budget.


Why choose RGS?

We cultivate a relationship of trust with every customer. You can feel at ease knowing your project is in our hands. 

Have Questions?

We have compiled an extensive database of the most frequently asked questions concerning the roofing industry and best practices to give you all the knowledge you'll need for your next important purchase.

"Alex was awesome to work with.  The installation crews that did the roof and gutters did an amazing job.  Not only that they did a great job of cleaning up.  They had no easy task as they installed on a very windy day.  Work was done promptly and with great care.  I even had them install my dads roof."

Florence D.

3 months ago

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The 6 RGS Core Values

Our overarching goal is not to complete as many projects as we can but to instead focus on the projects where we know that we can deliver superior service and quality craftsmanship.

Unlike those large roofing companies, we take a one project at a time approach. This allows us to prioritize you, your project, and every detail.

Personalized Experience

No one is in the same position and we understand the challenges for our customers. We concentrate our efforts on each customer to tailor the project to their situation.


Our commitment to our customers is to be transparent every step of the way. We give our customers realistic expectations to ensure the project is completed at the agreed upon time.

is Key

Family owned and operated since 1958, we strive to keep our integrity. We are always improving by learning about new products and adapting to the best techniques. With hundreds of projects and over a half - century under our belt, you can be certain of our warranties.

History of

Through our unmatched customer service, prompt communication, and

professional appearance.


We understand the importance and trust that homeowners place in us. We take the time to make sure every one of our clients understands all aspects of the project and is satisfied with our work.

Customer Care

Core Values
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